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Pineapple Tidbits L/S 3A10


Pineapple Tidbits L/S 3A10


Pineapple tid bits are made from fresh juicy pineapples in Vietnam. They are harvested, washed, cut and packed into tins with a light syrup. The pineapples are sweet and full of flavour which make them great for pizzas, cakes and fruit salads. Its a convenient and easy way of adding colour and texture to your food. Pineapples are also good sources of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

pizzas, stir fries, cakes, desserts, pastries, breads, fillings, decorations, ta

Pineapple (> 54 %), Water (> 32 %), Sugar (> 14 %)


: 9.105
: 3A10

Product specifications subject to change without notice.