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Starch Ultratex 4 22.7kg


Starch Ultratex 4 22.7kg


Ultra-Tex 4 is particularly well suited for instant food preparations subjected to severe processing conditions, such as instant salad dressings. In many cases, up to 10% less starch can be used compared to conventional starches to achieve the same viscosity in this application. Since Ultra-Tex 4 is particularly resistant to heating, it is also recommended for use in turnover fillings, to retard boil out during cooking. Other applications include pourable salad dressings and microwaveable sauces. Ultra-Tex 4 is a premium cold water swelling modified food starch derived from waxy maize. Dispersions of Ultra-Tex 4 have a smooth, short texture and excellent sheen. They are extremely resistant to harsh processing conditions, such as intense heating, high shear and low pH. The product imparts a rich creamy mouth feel to prepared foods. It also offers excellent cold temperature storage stability to refrigerated or frozen products.

Food Ingredient for instant food preparations subject to severe processing.

Modified Corn Starch (E1442) (100 %)

: 22.7
: 22.7KG

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