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Dry Fruit

Ginger Crystals 18-22mm Diced 4x5kg


Ginger Crystals 18-22mm Diced 4x5kg


Diced Crystallised Ginger are made from raw ginger rhizomes, which are trimmed, peeled, cut, sieved, graded and cooked. Sugar syrup of increasing concentration is pumped into the ginger pieces until the desired level of sugar content is reached. The ginger is drained of excess syrup, pasteurized in high Brix sucrose solution, drained while hot, coated with caster or raw sugar, dried cooled and stored in a temperature and humidity controlled room overnight. The crystallized ginger is sieved to remove excess sugar and packed.

Food ingredient or Direct consumption

Sugar (~ 71.0%), Ginger (~ 15.0%), Water (~ 14.0%)


: 20
: 4x5KG

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