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Specialty Baking Ingredients

Backaldrin Ciabatta Mix 2.5% 8kg


Backaldrin Ciabatta Mix 2.5% 8kg

Made in Austria from local and imported ingredients

Improver for the production of Italian style bread and rolls. Dosage only 2.5% for the production as no-time-dough. Short production time, very stable and tolerant product. The crumb-structure, and hole texture can be varied by fermentation time and water content. This product is freeze-thaw stable.

Food ingredient used for production of Ciabatta bread, rustic bread and rolls.

Wheat (Flour, Sourdough, Gluten), Stabilizer – Guar Gum, Sugar, Emulsifier – Dia

: 8
: 8KG

Product specifications subject to change without notice.