Address 18 St. Albans Road, Kingsgrove 2208
Phone +61 2 9502 6500   Fax +61 2 9502 6511


Our head office in Kingsgrove, Sydney is capable of; 

Fruit Washing
Fruit Infusion
Glyceration Conditioning Of Vine Fruit
Batch Control
Fruit Blending
Bulk Handling 
Fruit Paste 
Fruit Mince
Cereal and Spice Inclusions 
Visual Inspection 
Our manufacturing facilities are strictly governed by industry accreditations HACCP and SQF.  We are a QAP (Quarantined Approved Premise) which enables us to carry out AQIS inspections onsite. This gives us full control and efficiency over the entire importation process, overseeing all quality measures and outcomes.