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Dehydrated Vegetables

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  • Beetroot Powder 20kg
    Beetroot Powder 20kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - BEET001
    Beetroot Powder is manufactured from good quality, ground beetroots. It is red to purple in colour with a flavour and aroma typical of red beetroots.
  • Carrot Granules 3mm 10kg
    Carrot Granules 3mm 10kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - CARR021
    Carrot granules are quality carrots that have been cleaned, peeled, cut, washed, blanched, dried and diced. The natural flavour and textures make them great for cooking soups, cakes and bakery mixes.
  • Carrot Shreds 3x3x25mm 10kg
    Carrot Shreds 3x3x25mm 10kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - CARR026
    Carrot Shreds 3x3x30mm are manufactured from good quality, field fresh carrots. These carrots are properly cleaned, peeled, cut, washed, blanched, and dried and cut to size. The shreds are orange to red in colour with a true to type, slightly sweet flavour.
  • Onion Chopped ELB 15kg
    Onion Chopped ELB 15kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - ONIO322
    Onion Chopped are manufactured from fresh onions which have been thinly sliced and dried in the oven. It is off white in colour with a typical sweet onion flavour.
  • Onion Granulated 40-80 25kg
    Onion Granulated 40-80 25kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - ONIO340
    Onion Granulated 40-80 are manufactured from fresh, pungent white onions which have been cleaned, sliced, dehydrated and cut to size. It is creamy to off white in colour and has a fresh onion flavour.
  • Onion Minced ELB 16kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - ONIO326
  • Onion Powder Indian 25kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - ONIO301
    Onion Powder Indian is manufactured from millied dehydrated onions, which after harvest have been washed, cleaned and dehydrated. It has a creamy white colour with a flavour typical of fresh onions.
    Dehydrated Vegetables - PEAS040
    These peas are dried, cleaned, sorted and packed into 25kg bags in New Zealand. The natural flavour and textures make them great for soups, seasoning and stews. It should be stored in a cool, dry place for a long shelf life. Peas are good sources of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.
    Dehydrated Vegetables - POTA020
    Quality potatoes are steam peeled, trimmed, cut, precooked, cooled, mashed, dried, milled and packed into 10kg bags. The flavour and texture make them great for mash potatoes, salads and gravies. Its a quick and easy way to make instant potatoes for any occasion. Potato flakes are also good sources of energy, carbohydrates and protein.
  • Spinach Powder 20kg
    Spinach Powder 20kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - SPIN540
    Spinach Powder is manufactured from fresh, green spinach which has been washed, trimmed, dehydrated and millied to powder. It is light green in colour with a flavour characteristic of spinach.
  • Tomato Granules 1-4mm 20kg
    Tomato Granules 1-4mm 20kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - TOMA651
    Tomato Granules 1-4mm are manufactured from tomatoes which have been washed, dried and processed into tomato granules. It has a natural dark red colour with a flavour characteristic for tomatoes.
  • Tomato Powder T3500 Cold Break 25kg
    Tomato Powder T3500 Cold Break 25kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - TOMA654
    Tomato Powder T-3500 is manufactured by cold break concentrating followed by air spray drying skinned and deseeded sun-ripened tomatoes. It is a bright red free flowing powder with a true to type aroma.
  • Tomato Sun-Dried Sml Gran 3mm 10kg
    Tomato Sun-Dried Sml Gran 3mm 10kg
    Dehydrated Vegetables - TOMA670
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